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FertiCalm App


Coping for Every Situation, Any time, Any Place, Anywhere.

FertiCalm Pro provides a variety of more than 500 custom coping options for over 50 specific situations which have the potential to cause distress throughout the family-building journey.

About the App

Dr. Domar and Dr. Grill, the creators of this app, are reproductive psychologists with over 45 years of combined experience, at two of the most prominent infertility centers in the US. They provide counseling for women, men, and couples trying to build their families and saw an unmet need. Many people don't have the time, money, or geographical access to see a therapist specifically trained in infertility counseling. While FertiCalm is not a substitute for treatment with a licensed therapist or psychologist, FertiCalm serves as a helpful resource for women in the exact moment they feel distressed, whenever and wherever they are, by providing them with coping techniques for many common social scenarios faced by women on their family-building journey.

About the Brand

Coping For Every Situation... Any Time, Any Place, Anywhere.

FertiCalm addresses 50 common and distressing situations that individuals struggling to conceive encounter, and a variety of custom-made solutions for each one. For each situation you might face (e.g., getting your period at work), you can click on six different ways to help you feel better in the moment. As in, right then when you are experiencing distress.