Gonal-f (Follistim)


Gonal-f contains a synthetic (meaning laboratory synthesized) follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) and is given to you for the purpose of stimulating your ovaries to produce more eggs than they do...


This med has 8 steps. Swipe to navigate.

Step 1: Check Your Med Type

1 minutes

  1. Gonal-f comes in a pen or in a multi-dose vial kit. Check to see what form of this medication your pharmacy provided. If you have a multi-dose vial kit, proceed to step 5. 

Step 2: Gather your supplies, and wash your hands

1 minutes

  1. You will need: Gonal-F Redi-Ject pen, a new needle from your kit, an alcohol pad and a sharps disposal.
Step 3: Prep the pen

1 minutes

  1. Take the cap off the pen and check that the medication in the reservoir is clear. If it is not clear, call your doctor.
  2. Using an alcohol pad, wipe off the rubber stopper at the tip of the pen and let it air dry. Peel off the top of the new needle and attach it to the pen by keeping the needle covered and twisting it onto the exposed end of the pen until it is finger tight.
  3. Before you put your needle on the pen, clean the top of the cartridge at the tip of the pen with an alcohol pad and let it air dry. Take a needle out of your kit, peel back the top and twist it on to the tip of the pen. You can dispose of the outer cap since the needle still has the inner protective cap until you're ready to do your injection.
Step 4: Dial your dose

1 minutes

  1. Turn the knob at the non-needle end of the pen until it reads the intended dose for today, as prescribed by your doctor. If you over turn the knob by accident, you can turn it backwards to correct your error.
  2. Keep an eye on how much medication is left in the pen so that you can order more medication if necessary
Step 5: Gather your supplies and wash your hands (Multi-dose Kit)

1 minutes

  1. You will need: Your Gonal-f multi dose package which contains a vial of powdered medication, custom injection syringes with needles and a prefilled syringe of diluent, alcohol pads and your sharps disposal.

  2. If you have already mixed your medication in your multidose vial, be sure to let it adjust to room temperature before doing your injection. 

Step 6: Prep your dose (Multi-dose Kit)

3 minutes

  1. Use an alcohol pad to wipe off the top of the powdered medication vial. 

  2. Twist off the cap of the prefilled syringe of sterile diluent. Insert the needle into the top of the vial and expel all of the liquid into the vial. Remove the needle and gently swirl. 

  3. Using a custom injection syringe provided in the kit, insert the needle into the vial of dissolved medication. Invert the vial and with the needle in the liquid, draw up your prescribed dose into the syringe. Remove the needle.

  4. With the needle pointing up, tap the barrel of the syringe so all air bubbles go to the top and slowly push the air out until there is a small drop of liquid at the tip of the needle. You’re ready for your injection. Remember to replace the vial of medication back in the fridge for your next dose.

Step 7: Pick your injection site

1 minutes

  1. Measure 1-2 inches below your belly button and off to the right or left. Switch sides with each injection to help relieve any tenderness that develops. Using an alcohol wipe, wipe off your chosen spot and let it air dry.
Step 8: Administer the injection

1 minutes

  1. Using your thumb and index finger of one hand, take a pinch of skin at your chosen spot. Hold the pen at a 90 degree angle above your chosen injection site. When you are ready, firmly press the needle all the way into your skin.
  2. Using your thumb, press the knob down as far as it will go. Count to 5. Still holding the knob down, pull the needle out.
  3. Dispose of your used needle in your sharps disposal. You did it!

  4. Note: If you were only able to complete a partial dose with what was left in your pen, be sure to go through the steps again and do another injection with a new pen to finish your dose.