When a loved one experiences a pregnancy loss, it can feel like there aren’t enough words in the world that could ease their pain. Sending a gift, no matter how small, can help your loved one through a painful and challenging time and show them that they are not alone.

Miscarriage gifts: A little bit goes a long way

Below are 11 thoughtful miscarriage gifts we’d recommend for anyone grieving a pregnancy loss. 

woman surprising her friend with a gift

1. Make daily tasks a little easier 

Grief can make mundane tasks like cooking or cleaning feel impossible. Ease this burden with a gift card for groceries, dinner, or house cleaning, or offer to babysit her other kids for a night. If you are sending help with house cleaning, consider also stocking her home with eco-friendly essentials from Branch Basics ($75). Editor’s note: Rescripted members get 20% off their Branch Basics order with code RESCRIPTED.

Links: UberEats gift card (Amazon), Branch Basics (Rescripted)

2. Sentimental jewelry so she can carry her baby’s memory with her

If your loved one lost a pregnancy before she was able to tell many people, she may be grieving privately. Sentimental jewelry, like a Morse code bracelet ($15) or a birthstone necklace with the baby's due date ($55), allows her to carry her baby’s memory with her in a subtle way. 

Links: Morse code bracelet (Amazon), Kendra Scott Elisa Pendant (Amazon)

3. Give the gift of relaxation 

Self-care isn’t just a luxury — it’s necessary to heal and recharge during a difficult time. Give your loved one a gift card to her favorite spa, or create an at-home self-care kit with face masks, relaxing Epsom salts, and her favorite skin care. We especially love this nourishing Vitamin C face oil from Six Gldn ($78). Editor’s note: Rescripted readers get 20% off their purchase with code RESCRIPTED20. 

Links: Nourishing Face Oil (Rescripted)

4. Plant or gift a tree in her child’s memory

Planting a tree in a national park is a beautiful tribute to the baby’s memory that will last for many years to come. 

Try: Plant a tree in a national park (Amazon)

person planting a tree in tribute to a loved one

5. Aftercare package

The physical recovery needed after a miscarriage is often forgotten. Bodily’s miscarriage and stillbirth recovery box ($115) includes mesh underwear, maxi pads that can be frozen for extra relief, washable breast pads, soothing turmeric tea, as well as expert advice and memorial bracelets to help with recovery. 

Link: Care for Stillbirth Box (Bodily)

6. A meaningful frame

An ultrasound photo might be the only photo your loved one has of her baby. If she wants to frame it, gift her a classic photo frame ($67) that she would be proud to show in her home.

Try: Waterford Sterling Silver Classic Frame 5x7 (Amazon)

7. Send flowers on her due date

The baby's due date can be a particularly painful day after a pregnancy loss. Send flowers ($44) to show that you are still thinking of her. 

Try: Benchmark Bouquets Flowering Fields Bouquet (Amazon)

8. A meaningful book

If you don’t feel like anything you can is enough, lean on the words of others. Experts recommend books like I Had a Miscarriage: A Memoir, A Movement ($19), and Waiting for Daisy: A Tale of Two Continents, Three Religions, Five Infertility Doctors, an Oscar, an Atomic Bomb, a Romantic Night, and One Woman’s Quest to Become a Mother ($14) for their honest, funny, and hopeful perspectives on pregnancy loss. She will feel less alone knowing that others have experienced what she is going through.

Links: I Had a Miscarriage (Amazon), Waiting for Daisy (Amazon)

9. Gifts for her mind and body

Mindfulness is an ancient practice encouraged by therapists and grief experts to recover from a painful experience. A quirky zen sand garden ($20), a new yoga mat ($23), or a subscription to Calm offers both physical and mental health benefits.

Links: Zen Garden (Amazon), yoga mat (Amazon), Calm subscription (Calm)

woman meditating

10. A gift for her hobbies

She might not want to talk about it much, and that’s okay. Surprise her with a gift related to her favorite hobby, like a new cookbook ($20), a chic bag for her pickleball paddles ($26), or a knitting kit ($36). 

Links: Cookbook (Amazon), pickleball bag (Amazon), knitting kit (Amazon)

11. A heartfelt card

Never underestimate the value of a heartfelt card. Your care and kind words can sometimes be the most meaningful gift you can offer.

Erin Pettis is a Content Marketer and freelance writer based in NYC.