Our stress response to life’s everyday triggers may vary but are definitely noticeable. For instance, ignoring how stress can change sleeping patterns, eating habits, or even energy levels is pretty hard. 

It’s important to note that ‘stress’ is also defined subjectively. No two women are ever the same, and their stress triggers are proof. From work to relationship issues, all overwhelming events can lead women down the same path — high cortisol levels and a need to find something that helps — regardless of what put them on the path in the first place. 

First, what is cortisol? 

Before we get into the nitty-gritty of what can help you support stress levels, it’s important to understand how the body and stress are connected.

When the body meets a stressor — either an immediate, short-term stress trigger or something more long-standing, like a fertility journey or the loss of a loved one — one of the hormones your body releases is cortisol. 

The adrenal gland is to thank for producing cortisol, a steroid hormone. Once the adrenal releases cortisol, the hormone helps manage the body’s stress level by prioritizing the body’s functions so that you have the energy to ward off a stressor. It can send signals to multiple systems in the body.  

Since often many stressors aren’t a one-and-done event, cortisol levels may fluctuate or remain high, sometimes to the detriment of physical health, mental health, or personal goals.   

How can a supplement help the body manage stress levels? 

Different ways to manage the body’s stress levels include resetting sleep hygiene, exercising regularly, or laughing more. In addition to lifestyle swaps, taking a daily supplement, like Ritual’s first-of-its-kind Stress Relief BioSeries™ Technology capsule, can also help the body with stress management.* 

The supplement’s 8-hour instant and extended-release 3-in-1 tablet in capsule design was developed with the body’s natural cortisol response in mind. When taken first thing in the morning, the first instant-release tablet is designed to begin to release immediately when cortisol levels are typically at their peak. The second extended-release tablet is designed to dissolve over 4 hours to continue ingredient release as the body’s normal cortisol levels decline. Finally, the third extended-extended-release tablet is designed with an 8-hour extended-release to taper off as the body’s normal cortisol levels reach lower points.* 

The capsule’s ingredients include Shoden® ashwagandha, Suntheanine® l-theanine, and affron® saffron — all clinically studied to relieve stress and support a positive mood. 

Wait, what is Ashwagandha? 

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While L-Theanine and Saffron are more commonly mentioned ingredients when discussing supplements supporting stress management, Ashwagandha is a new addition to the party. Ashwagandha is a medicinal plant that has commonly been used in teas or tinctures, but as of late, studies have shown it’s also impactful to help manage stress. 

In Ritual’s Stress Relief capsule, you’ll find Shoden® ashwagandha, a bioactive ashwagandha.* 

The bottom line

Cortisol is a stress hormone everyone has in their bodies; what differs is how much and how often an individual’s adrenal gland produces it and why. Those who navigate busy lifestyles, for instance, may have higher levels of cortisol at any given time — but from mindfulness to supplements, there are things that can help.

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