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Effective July 11, 2021

By using the Rescripted website (the “Site”), you agree to the terms of this Privacy Policy and Notice (PPN), as outlined below. If you do not agree to these terms, please do not access or use this site.

This PPN describes how Rescripted (“we,” “us” or “our”) collects and uses personal information about you when you visit our website as well as your choices about how personal information will be used. By using this website, you accept the privacy practices contained in this PPN. We encourage you to read this PPN in full to understand our privacy practices before using this website or submitting any personal information.


The Rescripted PPN applies only to information collected from visitors to It does not apply to information collected from users of our services, which is instead governed by the applicable agreements with said users. In addition, Rescripted affiliates and subsidiaries may have their own subdomains and websites that may not be subject to this PPN. Rescripted business partners, ad networks, and other third parties have their own websites and privacy practices. We encourage you to read the privacy notices of all websites you visit to understand their privacy practices and your options.


Rescripted is a media platform for fertility, infertility and pregnancy loss, providing technology tools and resources for wherever you are on your journey to build a family. In addition, Rescripted provides a pharmacy interface to our pharmacy partners and a clinic dashboard to our clinic partners to help manage customer and patient care, respectively.

Rescripted functions as a Business Associate to a network primarily comprised of Covered Entities (e.g., healthcare providers, and health plans (including their PBM business associates)) and maintains Business Associate Agreements (BAAs) as required by HIPAA. Rescripted has established technical, physical, and administrative safeguards to comply with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (“HIPAA”) Privacy and Security Rule, along with other applicable laws and regulations.


When you visit our website, we may collect the following personal information about you:

Contact information, such as your name, home or other physical address, email, telephone number, fax number, organization name, and/or job title when you submit a contact form.

Unique identifiers and preference information such as your username, password, marketing preferences, internet protocol (IP) address, browser type, operating system, computer or mobile device, your navigation and clickstream behavior from actions that you take on our website.

Information about you from affiliates, subsidiaries, business partners, ad networks, and other third parties and combine it with information we already have about you.

Information about you that you share or make visible on the Internet. We may combine such information with information we already have about you.


We may use the information collected for the following purposes:

Improve the content on our website

Provide personalized website content based on your preferences

Communicate with you and respond to your inquiries, requests and applications and/or send important notices

Market products and services

Conduct surveys and research

If you participate in surveys, we will request certain personal information from you. Participation in these surveys or contests is completely voluntary and you therefore have a choice whether or not to disclose this information. We may use a third-party service provider to conduct these surveys or contests. We will not share the personal information you provide through a contest or survey with other third parties unless we give you prior notice and choice

Further develop our products and services to improve our business

If you order something from our marketplace, you agree to have your personal fulfillment data sent to a third party vendor who will fulfill the order


We use reasonable and appropriate physical, technical and administrative industry safeguards to protect information from unauthorized access, use, loss, misuse or unauthorized alteration. We will make reasonable efforts to protect personal information stored on the website’s servers from unauthorized access using commercially available computer security products (for example, firewalls), as well as carefully developed security procedures and practices. Notwithstanding our security safeguards, it is impossible to guarantee 100% security in all circumstances. If you have any questions about security on our website, you can contact our Privacy Officer (see below for contact information).


All information on this Site is for general informational purposes only. All information on the Site, including the Blog portion, is provided in good faith, however, we make no representation or warranty of any kind, express or implied, regarding the accuracy, adequacy, validity, reliability, availability or completeness of any information on the Site. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCE SHALL WE HAVE ANY LIABILITY TO YOU FOR ANY LOSS OR DAMAGE OF ANY KIND INCURRED AS A RESULT OF THE USE OF THE SITE OR RELIANCE ON ANY INFORMATION PROVIDED ON THE SITE. YOUR USE OF THE SITE AND YOUR RELIANCE ON ANY INFORMATION ON THE SITE IS SOLELY AT YOUR OWN RISK.


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The Site does not contain professional advice, including medical or legal advice, nor does it establish a physician-patient or attorney-client relationship. Any medical or legal information is provided for general informational and educational purposes only and is not a substitute for professional advice. Accordingly, before taking any actions based upon such information, we encourage you to consult with the appropriate professionals. THE USE OR RELIANCE OF ANY INFORMATION CONTAINED ON THIS SITE IS SOLELY AT YOUR OWN RISK.


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The entire content included in this site, including but not limited to text, graphics or code is copyrighted as a collective work under the United States and other copyright laws, and is the property of Rescripted. The collective work includes works that are licensed to Rescripted. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.


We may periodically update this PPN to describe new website features, products or services we offer and how it may affect our use of information about you and your controls. We will not apply changes to this PPN retroactively to personal information we have previously collected. Since we may change this PPN, we recommend that you check the current version available from time to time. We will notify you by means of a notice on this page or by email, prior to any material changes becoming effective.


If you have questions or concerns about this PPN, our information handling practices, or any other aspect of privacy and security of your personal information, please email us at or

Privacy Policy last revised April 12, 2022




Effective date: December 1, 2022

Best Shot Care, Inc. d/b/a Rescripted (Rescripted) is required by applicable Federal and State laws to maintain the privacy of your health information.  Protected health information (PHI) is the information we create and maintain in the course of providing our services to you.  Such information may include documentation of your symptoms, examination findings, diagnoses and treatment protocols.  It also may include billing documents for services provided.  Rescripted is permitted by federal privacy law (the Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA)), to use and disclose your PHI, without your written authorization, for purposes of treatment, payment, and health care operations.

Examples of Using Your Health Information for Treatment Purposes:

Rescripted therapists or other healthcare providers (individually “Provider” or collectively (“Providers”) obtains prior medical history information about you and records it in your medical record.

During the course of your treatment, a Provider may share your information with other specialists and obtain their input about your care.

Example of Using Your Health Information for Payment Purposes:

Where applicable, we may submit requests for payment to your health insurance company.  We will respond to health insurance company requests for information about the medical care we provided to you.

Example of a Using Your Information for Health Care Operations:

We may use or disclose your PHI in order to conduct certain business and operational activities, such as quality assessments, Provider training, or staff reviews.  We may share information about you with our Business Associates, third parties who perform these functions on our behalf, as necessary to obtain their services.

Your Health Information Rights

The health and billing records we maintain are the physical property of Rescripted.  The information in them, however, belongs to you.  You have a right to:

Obtain a paper copy of the Notice of Privacy Practices for PHI (“the Notice”) provided to you by the Facility where your care took place and on our website:

Receive Notification of a breach of your unsecured PHI;

Request restrictions on certain uses and disclosures of your health information.  We are not required to grant all requests, but we will comply with any request with which we agree.  We will, however, agree to your request to refrain from sending your PHI to your health plan for payment or operations purposes if at the time an item or service is provided to you, you pay in full and out-of-pocket;

Request that you be allowed to inspect and copy the information about you that we maintain in Rescripted’s designated record set.  You may exercise this right by delivering your request, in writing, to Rescripted;

Appeal a denial of access to your PHI, except in certain circumstances;

Request that your health care record be amended to correct incomplete or incorrect information by delivering a written request to Rescripted.  We may deny your request if you ask us to amend information that (a) was not created by us (unless the person or entity that created the information is no longer available to make the amendment), (b) is not part of the health information kept by Rescripted, (c) is not part of the information that you would be permitted to inspect and copy, or (d) is accurate and complete.  If your request is denied, you will be informed of the reason for the denial and will have an opportunity to submit a statement of disagreement to be placed in your record;

Request that communication of your health information be made by alternative means or at alternative locations by delivering a written request to Rescripted;

Obtain a list of instances in which we have shared your health information with outside parties, as required by the HIPAA Rules.

Revoke any of your prior authorizations to use or disclose information by delivering a written revocation to Rescripted (except to the extent action has already been taken based on a prior authorization).

Our Responsibilities

Rescripted is required to:

Maintain the privacy of your health information as required by law;

Notify you following a breach of your unsecured PHI;

Notify you if we cannot accommodate a requested restriction or request; and

Accommodate your reasonable requests regarding methods for communicating with you about your health information and comply with your written request to refrain from disclosing your PHI to your health plan if you pay for an item or service we provide you in full and out-of-pocket at the time of service.

We reserve the right to amend, change, or eliminate provisions of our privacy practices and to enact new provisions regarding the PHI we maintain about you.  If our information practices change, we will amend our Notice.  You are entitled to receive a copy of the revised Notice upon request by phone or by visiting our website.

Other Uses and Disclosures of your PHI Permitted by HIPAA Without Your Written Authorization

Communication with Family

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Using our best judgment, we may disclose to a family member, other relative, close personal friend, or any other person you identify, health information relevant to that person’s involvement in your care or payment for care, if you do not object or in an emergency.  We may also do this after your death, unless you tell us before you die that you do not wish us to communicate with certain individuals.


Unless you object, we may use or disclose your PHI to notify, or assist in notifying, a family member, personal representative, or other person responsible for your care about your location, your general condition, or your death.


We may disclose information to researchers if an institutional review board has reviewed the research proposal and established protocols to ensure the privacy of your PHI.  We may also disclose your information if the researchers require only a limited portion of your information.

Disaster Relief

We may use and disclose your PHI to assist in disaster relief efforts.

Workers’ Compensation

If you are seeking compensation from Workers Compensation, we may disclose your PHI to the extent necessary to comply with laws relating to Workers Compensation.

Public Health

We may disclose your PHI to public health or legal authorities charged with preventing or controlling disease, injury, or disability; to report reactions to medications or problems with products; to notify people of recalls; or to notify a person who may have been exposed to a disease or who is at risk for contracting or spreading a disease or condition.

As Required by Law

We may disclose your PHI as required by law, or to appropriate public authorities as allowed by law to report abuse or neglect.

Law Enforcement

We may disclose your PHI to law enforcement officials (a) in response to a court order, court subpoena, warrant or similar judicial process; (b) to identify or locate a suspect, fugitive, material witness, or missing person; (c) if you are a victim of a crime and we are unable to obtain your agreement; (d) about criminal conduct on our premises; and (e) in other limited emergency circumstances where we need to report a crime.

Health Oversight

Federal law allows us to release your PHI to appropriate health oversight agencies or for health oversight activities such as state and federal auditors.

Judicial/Administrative Proceedings

We may disclose your PHI in the course of any judicial or administrative proceeding as allowed or required by law, with your authorization, or as directed by a proper court order.

For Specialized Governmental Functions or Serious Threat

We may disclose your PHI for specialized government functions as authorized by law such as to Armed Forces personnel, for national security purposes, to public assistance program personnel, or to avert a serious threat to health or safety.  We may disclose your PHI consistent with applicable law to prevent or diminish a serious, imminent threat to the health or safety of a person or the public.

Coroners, Medical Examiners, and Funeral Directors

We may release health information to a coroner or medical examiner.  This may be necessary, for example, to identify a deceased person or determine the cause of death.  We may also release health information about our Patients to funeral directors as necessary for them to carry out their duties.

Business Associates

We may contract with third parties in the course of our business operations and they may access your health information to perform their tasks.  We require our business associates to sign agreements to safeguard the privacy and security of your health information.

Other uses and disclosures of your PHI not described in this Notice will only be made with your authorization, unless otherwise permitted or required by law.  Most uses and disclosure of psychotherapy notes, uses and disclosures of your PHI for marketing purposes (except if communication is face-to-face by us or is a promotional gift of nominal value), and disclosures of your PHI that constitute a sale of PHI will require your authorization.  You may revoke any authorization at any time by submitting a written revocation request to Rescripted.

To Request Information, Exercise a Patient Right, or File a Complaint

If you have questions, would like additional information, want to exercise a Patient Right described above, or believe your (or someone else’s) privacy rights have been violated, you may contact Rescripted’s Compliance Hotline at 214.912.9066, or in writing to us at:

4845 Pearl East Cir Ste 118

PMB 60414

Boulder, Colorado 80301-6112 US

Please note that all complaints must be submitted in writing to the Compliance Officer at the above address.  You may also file a complaint with the Secretary of Health and Human Services (HHS), Office for Civil Rights (OCR).  Your complaint must be filed in writing, either on paper or electronically, by mail, fax, or e-mail.  The address for the Colorado regional office is:  Office for Civil Rights, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, 999 18th Street, Suite 417, Denver, CO 80202; or call (800) 368-1019. 

More information regarding the steps to file a complaint can be found at:

We cannot, and will not, require you to waive the right to file a complaint with the Secretary of HHS as a condition of receiving treatment from Rescripted.

We cannot, and will not, retaliate against you for filing a complaint with Rescripted or with the Secretary of HHS.