InCircle Fertility (In)Fertility Cards of Affirmation InCircle Fertility (In)Fertility Cards of Affirmation InCircle Fertility (In)Fertility Cards of Affirmation InCircle Fertility (In)Fertility Cards of Affirmation

InCircle Fertility (In)Fertility Cards of Affirmation


A One-of-a-Kind Affirmation Card Deck

Fertility affirmation cards to accompany you on the bumpy road to parenthood. Use at any point on your journey.

Each box contains

  • 42 unique cards crafted with various sentiments and statements of love needed when going through the turbulent path to parenthood
  • Each card is a piece of art unto itself, designed by Glitter Enthusiast, a talented artist and fellow infertility warrior, who uses sterile IVF needles to create her magic.
  • Whenever those inevitable moments of pain, anxiety, and confusion arise, each and every card will provide comfort, courage, and companionship

Celeste Douglas

I'm loving incorporating these cards into my daily routine! The artwork by Glitter Enthusiast is beautiful and they words are meaningful. I will definitely be sharing these with my other TTC and IVF friends. 

Amanda Manlove

I absolutely love these cards! The quality is wonderful and knowing that the creator and artist has gone through the infertility trenches brings me even more comfort from her words.  I like to go back through all of them and keep out the one that hits closest to home that day. 

Daily affirmations are energy for the soul.
I love my InCircle Fertility affirmation cards!
I look forward to switching them out on the daily or if I really like one and it’s resonating with me that week, I’ll just leave it out. There’s days when I have several out at once and I’m like - yep that’s this week. The cards are a lovely way of having that support that we all need and a helpful reminder that many others are going through this journey and that WE are not alone. The beautiful design is just the cherry on the top. 

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About the Brand

Abbe Feder founded InCircle Fertility after emerging on the other side of her all-consuming struggles with infertility and pregnancy loss. These experiences were life-altering and when the dust settled, it quickly became evident that the only possible next step was supporting others as they navigate this turbulent terrain. Combining professional expertise, industry know-how, and an abundance of empathy and compassion, InCircle Fertility is here to meet you wherever you are in the world and wherever you are in your journey to parenthood to provide the support and guidance needed to find your resolution.