kegg Fertility Tracker & Kegel Ball woman opening box containing kegg Fertility Tracker & Kegel Ball chart showing chances of conception from intercourse timing in relation to ovulation kegg Fertility Tracker & Kegel Ball box woman using kegg Fertility Tracker & Kegel Ball kegg Fertility Tracker & Kegel Ball

kegg Fertility Tracker & Kegel Ball


Detect your fertile window and exercise your pelvic floor in a few minutes a day.

  • 12-month Pregnancy Guarantee
  • FSA/HSA Qualified
  • FDA Registered
  • Physician Endorsed

How It Works
kegg Fertility Tracker & Kegel Ball is ideal for women who want to maximize their chances of conception. kegg gives the confidence of fertility tracking through cervical mucus sensing technology in only 2 minutes a day.

kegg™ is an FDA-registered fertility tracker that senses cervical fluid—the key indicator to predict your fertile window and when you’re most likely to conceive. By using advanced sensing technology known as impedance, kegg can help detect your peak fertility and plan ahead with confidence.

Is kegg right for me?
Wearable trackers can be annoying and disrupt your lifestyle. kegg fits seamlessly into your routine, and there is no need to wear it overnight. Following a daily reading—which takes only two minutes to complete—kegg will send your data to the cloud for analysis. In real-time, the device connects to a FREE mobile app that displays daily fertility status, cyclical trends, and fertility predictions.

Fertility predictions are unique to each woman. With consistent use once a day, you will gain personalized insights into your own fertility pattern. kegg will be at your side and nothing will be left up to chance.


  • Tracks the most reliable sign of fertility, cervical fluid
  • Fertility readings in only 2 minutes every day
  • Get the time right - No more guessing for a positive OPK test or temperature shift
  • Optional kegel feature to help your pelvic floor exercises
  • Free mobile app access – no subscription required
  • Membership in the private community
  • Online chat support 7 days a week

Best suited for women that

  • Are trying to get pregnant
  • Have regular ovulatory cycles, 21-40 days in length
  • Off hormonal birth control nor IUD and their ovulatory cycles have returned
  • Are at least 6 weeks postpartum and have had at least 2 menstrual cycles beyond 6 weeks postpartum.

12-month Pregnancy Guarantee
A “12-month Pregnancy Guarantee” means you’re protected if you purchased the kegg fertility tracker, used it continuously for at least (1) year, and didn’t get pregnant during that time.

You’ll get a full refund if the kegg’s user criteria, recommended use, and 12-month Pregnancy Guarantee rules are met.

Warranty & Return Policy

  • 1-year warranty from the date of original purchase, against defects due to faulty workmanship or materials.
  • 30-day return policy in case you would like to return your kegg once it has been delivered. kegg is an intimate product, so the package must be sealed and the kegg unused for it to be returnable. An unused product with a broken box seal can be returned, however, a $110 disposal fee will be deducted from your refund.

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About the Brand

kegg's mission is to live in a world where women are empowered by knowledge about their bodies.

Created for and by women who've been there, we understand that women’s fertility is more complex than just a “28-day cycle” and many of us don’t ovulate on Day 14. That’s because we are cyclical beings. At kegg, we approach problems with both compassion and rigor — from our diverse team of engineers, physicians, and designers.