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3 Tips For Keeping Intimacy Live During Infertility Treatment with Dr. Bill Petok

Hello, I'm Dr. Bill Petock, a psychologist who works in sexual and reproductive health, with 3 tips for keeping intimacy alive during infertility treatment. Naturally, a couple dealing with infertility becomes focused on sex that leads to pregnancy. That is the goal, isn't it? So the sensual pleasure and joy of being together physically can get lost.

These tips can help you retain the enjoyment you had before you started on this road. First, remember your fertile window is about 7 days long and the most likely time to get pregnant. When outside that window, it doesn't mean you can't have sex. During the rest of the month the pressure is off. Sex for enjoyment and closeness is the goal.

Second, intercourse isn't the only way to enjoy sex. Sexual pleasure comes in many forms. Don't forget it. Early in your relationship sexual play was important. You have permission to return to it.

Third, take your time. Many couples focus on efficient sex when trying to conceive and forget that the long and winding road can be fun and rewarding. Slow things down so that sex is a joy and not a job.