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4 Ways To Detox Your Home To Improve Your Fertility

I'm Carmen. I'm the fertility professor. Here are 4 ways to detox your home to improve your fertility. Ready? 1, get rid of all home fragrances, air fresheners, sprays, odorizers, plugins, scented candles, and other products that try to make your home smell clean.

These products are laden with chemicals, especially a kind of chemical we call phthalates. Phthalates reduce your fertility and your partner's fertility. 2, get rid of all nonstick cookware these items need to go. They contain PFAS. PFAS cause infertility, inflammation, increase the risk of miscarriage and affect your overall health.

3, get clean water by a reverse osmosis or activated carbon filter for your tap water. It gets rid of many of the chemicals that we know can cause harm to your fertility. Swap out all your household cleaners and soaps now. Buy only fragrance-free dish soap, hand soap, laundry soap, and get all green-based cleaners in your home today. That's number 4.

And that's it. Thanks for listening to the Fertility Professor.