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How to Deal With Chronic Pelvic Pain

How to deal with chronic pelvic pain. First thing that we have to recognize is that pain is a perception. So we feel pain when our nervous system perceives a sensation as a threat. Think about when you cut your finger and you don't even know that it hurts until you see it. You see the blood and now your brain perceives the threat.

So that being said, the most important thing to do is to focus on your breathing and to tell your nervous system that it is safe. Taking those really deep breaths and thinking about feeling your belly expand as you inhale is really going to facilitate not only nervous system down training but also pelvic floor relaxation. Of course there are always more factors to consider so we want to make sure that we're getting plenty of movement, We're staying hydrated, we're resting and sleeping adequately, and we're avoiding inflammatory foods. Chronic pelvic pain often requires a multidisciplinary approach, so building a team of professionals that can really help to meet you where you're at is also key.