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5 Signs of Pelvic Flood Dysfunction

Here are 5 signs that you may be dealing with pelvic floor dysfunction. 1, you have urinary changes. This could mean urinary leakage or incontinence. It could also mean urgency, where you get the urge to go to the bathroom all of the sudden and it's really strong. It could also mean frequency, where you're peeing more often than you used to.

It could also mean that you're waking up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom more than you once did. Also, UTI-like symptoms in the absence of a positive culture can also point to pelvic floor dysfunction. 2, You have changes in your bowel systems. This could mean difficulty emptying your bowels. It could mean painful bowel movements.

Hemorrhoids can also indicate pelvic floor dysfunction. 3, you have pain with sexual arousal or with sexual activity. 4, you're having pelvic pressure or heaviness. You may even notice protrusion of tissue out of your vaginal canal. 5, you're experiencing unrelenting tailbone, hip, or low back pain that you really can't treat with other modalities.

If you're dealing with any of these symptoms, I encourage you to get an evaluation from a pelvic health physical therapist. Of this.