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Why Pelvic Floor Issues Don't Only Pertain to Pregnant Women

Many of us assume that pelvic floor issues are the result of pregnancy and labor and delivery. But that's not always the case. Both males and females have pelvic floor muscles and these muscles can become dysfunctional in any person at any age. Remember that these muscles are the muscles that go from the pubic bone back to the tailbone. Things like history of abdominal trauma or surgery, Injuries to the hips or the tailbone, connective tissue dysfunction and hypermobility, repeated urinary tract infections, and chronic constipation can all contribute to the development of pelvic floor dysfunction.

Now, pelvic floor dysfunction can also be contributed to by stress. So if you're experiencing symptoms consistent with pelvic floor dysfunction, but you haven't had a baby, know that your pelvic floor may be dysfunctional and that working with a pelvic PT can help.