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What Is a Saline Sonogram (SIS)? with Dr. Katherine L. Palmerola of IVFMD

Hi, my name is Dr. Katherine Pongrolet and I am 1 of the fertility specialists at IGFMD in Miami, which is part of the PreVu network. If you're new to fertility treatments, you may be overwhelmed by the number of abbreviations and different procedures we have during your testing and treatments. So I wanted to explain some of the most common procedures that you may face during your evaluation. Saline infused sinohistogram.

This also goes by the abbreviation SIS. Actually very similar to the HSG or hysterosophic rim in terms of what you will feel, but this is a better test to look at the inside part of the uterus. So the saline test is done by inserting a very small amount of sterile saline, salt water, into the uterus. While we're inserting the fluid, we're using an ultrasound to take pictures and view the inside part of the uterus. So the saline just expands and opens up the uterus a little bit and allows us to see structures within the uterus such as a polyp or scar tissue.

We might see something called a septum which is a separation of the 2 sides of the uterus and it gives us a better sense of the lining of the uterus.