July 28, 2021: Best Shot and The Fertility Tribe Join Forces, Launch Rescripted

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How much is IVF? Surrogacy? Adoption? How 3 families navigated the cost of parenthood

Good Morning America:

Lawmakers try to change how people are supported after pregnancy loss

Wall Street Journal: 

The Covid-19 Pandemic Put Many Pregnancy Plans on Hold. Some Women Aren’t Waiting Anymore.

FemTech Insider:

Best Shot and The Fertility Tribe Merge, Launch Rescripted and Announce $1.65M in Funding for the New Holistic Fertility Care Platform


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Meet the 2021 Colorado Inno On Fire Honorees

Denver fertility tech startup merges to create holistic care platform Rescripted

Built In Colorado:

Rescripted launched with $1.65M


If Your Fertility Treatments Are Canceled Due to Covid-19, You Are Not Alone

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I’m Going Through IVF Again, And I’m Terrified

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Why Finding A Community During Infertility Is So Important

I Think About My Frozen Embryos Every Day, And Here's Why

If Your IVF Cycle Has Been Canceled Due to Covid-19, You Are Not Alone

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I’m Going Through IVF Again, And I’m Terrified


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Our Favorite Fertility Social Media Accounts

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What 2020 taught Colorado startup innovators as they enter 2021

21 Startups to Watch in 2021

Denver's Best Shot creates a software companion for IVF pregnancies

Mad Startups:

Best Shot Founder Abby Mercado is streamlining the IVF treatment process

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BuiltInCO_Best Shot Wants to Use Tech to Improve Couples’ IVF Treatment Experiences


Fertility app aims to make the IVF experience easier for patients


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Mom Guilt After Infertility


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