needed Men's Multi


Multivitamin tailored for Men supporting optimal health along the dad journey.

Nutritional deficiencies can compromise everything from libido and sperm health to brain function and hair coverage. Our Male Multi includes forms of nutrients that work best in the body and dosages intended to fully nourish so that you are set up for success at every stage.

Take it before conceiving and for the dad years thereafter. It's never too early to support sperm and the dad behind them.


Fulfilled by our friends at needed.

About the Brand

Nourishment beyond nutrition is needed.

97% of women in the US take a prenatal supplement, yet 95%+ are still deficient in key nutrients. We started Needed to meet our needs and those of every mama-to-be.

Our mission is to empower real nourishment in women (and men) on their journey to motherhood. We do this through helping mamas and mamas-to-be better identify their nutrition needs, creating supplements that truly work in meeting those needs, and building a supportive community of like-minded mamas and trusted health practitioners.